Roofstock Marketplaces Filter Experience Designs


For this project, we aimed to streamline the end-to-end buyer experience from offer to closing in a real estate purchase transaction.

The goal for this particular project is to re-design this existing Roofstock Transaction Tracker to provide better transparency for our buyers on where they are in the transaction process, with the hope that it will ease buyer anxiety as well as reducing the number of times buyers email/call to ask for status or next steps.

Real Estate Transaction Tracker For Roofstock’s Buyers


Once a buyer makes an offer on a property through, buyer has no way to know which step they’re in during the closing…

I’m a big proponent of cultivating individuals because there’s one thing I deeply believe in — people will only achieve amazing performance if they are passionate and interested in the work they do. It will fulfill their needs and desires in a whole new level, rather than having just a job.

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Look beyond their title & experience; focus on their potential instead

Anyone with the right aptitude and strong interests can be an amazing product designer, regardless of what their current role is. I’ve seen really talented people who have the soft skills and intelligence working in jobs that they are not passionate about; they’re often repetitive work.

Anyone who is…

Most of the time, there are many new ideas being thrown around in meetings, especially in startup companies. Executives and the board are constantly attracted to the most shiny things because they think that will help their business take off like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Little did they know that they often neglect the most important assets they have — those who make up the company — the people.

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My experiences so far

Through my years in engineering and UX careers, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into each product (either physical or digital) to understand the nitty-gritty details of what the products…


This project is initiated to figure out how our internal Underwriting Analysts currently underwrite properties for different investment strategies using Roofstock’s Internal System. By fully understanding their current workflow, we want to design a better experience for them to significantly increase speed and accuracy when offering properties.

Property Search Experience for Roofstock’s Underwriting Analysts


The current Roofstock system has been quite engineering-focused. User experience was not part of the requirement when this system was first build a couple years ago. …


This is one of the most accomplished projects I’ve initiated to the executive team at Avinger. Not only did I accomplished a cost savings of $1MM+ per year, but I also brought everlasting big smiles to my workers because I’ve eliminated physical pain that they had to suffer since the company was launched.

Disclaimer: Certain content of products, tools, or process are proprietary information, and therefore not shown on this page. Most content and terms in this project are generalized to protect company rights.

Lamination Process in medical device clean room environment


Users are experiencing blisters/calluses from a material removal process. Find a way to alleviate or reduce…


This project is a re-design effort for the mobile app that had launched previously with designs created by an overseas design agency. The main challenge for this project is the fact that my team and I had to juggle between designing both the responsive web as well as their iOS and Android mobile app. I’ve managed this entire project and successfully worked with our developers to launch this on time within two short months (including responsive web). iOS Mobile App Browse Screens


This was more of a product management challenge rather than a design challenge. My design team and I were only given…

Overview is an eCommerce business that connects both local vendors and consumers with five categories: Parking, Dining, Movies, Events and Activities. It is a responsive website and has an iOS and Android app. One of the main issues affecting revenue is the confusing process of checking in and out when selecting dates and times in the Parking category. As is a 50-person startup with no UX expertise, I’ve led a design team of two through this usability/comparison testing efforts.

One of the design ideas for’s Parking Check-in / Check-out Process


With a bounce rate of ~40% in the Parking category, my team and I were responsible to understand why the…


This ongoing project is an internal initiative to consolidate all the different tools that our internal users (Sales and Customer Service Teams within the Rocket Lawyer organization) have to juggle to do their jobs. The main goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their internal workflows, so that Sales and Customer Service representatives can deliver a better and more delightful experience to our end customers.

Example of a Salesforce CRM’s User Interface


Since Rocket Lawyer has started, the sales operations and customer service workflow have not been streamlined internally. Our internal users, Sales and customer service representatives, are currently using 6+ different internal tools to sell…


From the Incorporation & Business Filings Research, we know that our primary target audience at Rocket Lawyer is a first-time business owner. This project is aimed to increase customer value by delivering more useful features and experiences to our business owners who have incorporated inside and outside of Rocket Lawyer.

This is an ongoing project and the ideas/designs so far are illustrated in medium fidelity wireframes.

Mid-fidelity Wireframes for Post-Incorporation Filings Manager Designs


The current Rocket Lawyer dashboard has the capability of only creating, storing, and editing documents/questions. …

Alice Leung

I’m a curious product designer & strategist, and I love solving complex challenges and learning new things.

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